Thursday, August 14, 2014


Artus Frank aids Liberia in fight against EBOLA: 

Artus visits Liberia to help raise awareness of the Ebola virus by providing supplies and educating the public about the deadly disease. He has always openly recognized Liberia as his home land. He continued to show his dedication by returning there during one of its worse crisis since the civil war. 

Artus Frank provided sanitary supplies to the people of Liberia. WHO the World’s Health Organization says it believes the virus has infected 1,848 people and killed 1,013, making this the deadliest Ebola outbreak in history. They say the difference between this outbreak and other Ebola outbreaks is that traditional methods of stopping the virus from spreading -- protective gear, contact tracing, etc. -- don't seem to be working fast enough, said Dr. Marie-Paule Kieny, WHO's assistant director-general. The health care systems in the affected countries are also weak, so resources are scarce. (; Wed August 13, 2014) The supplies that Artus carried to the people will help keep this virus from spreading. Artus says in an earlier interview that once the virus has nowhere else to live, it will die out. 

Also, as Artus marched through the streets of Liberia, he educated the people about the disease. Knowledge is the beginning of wisdom. Once the people know more, they can do more about keeping this disease away from them and their loved ones. 

The people of Liberia are very appreciative of the sacrifices Artus Frank has made for them. He returned back to the land that he loves to extend a helping hand. This philanthropic action will always be remembered in their hearts. One of Artus Liberian colleague and friend said it best when he stated. ‘Mr. Artus Frank, I love to take this time, to say a big thank [you] u for coming to mama Liberia and helping [your] ur people. We will forever remember [you] u as a true son of the land. God bless [you] u. And God bless mama Liberia…’

 Links to more video coverage of Artus in Liberia below:   

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