Saturday, August 29, 2015

Artus receives recognition from Vice President of Liberia the honorable Joseph Boakai

So much has happened since our last post. Our Badshash and D'King is the hardest and smartest working man in the game! He never slows down!

The first thing is Artus returned back to Ghana from the U.S.A. to spend much deserved time with family and friends, but soon after he was off again to visit sweet mama Liberia. He posted on facebook that he was bringing her her awards. The energy was amazing from the warm welcome Artus received. Many fans wore t-shirts with D'King's name and signature picture of the face of Africa Award and Humanitarian Award he received from the 5 Continents Awards! Musa Massaquoi, producer and director and long time friend, was instrumental in the organization of  it all. Blessings to him for a job well done. 

The story doesn't end there. Mr. Frank indeed presented the awards to his homeland Liberia. A press conference was held in his honor. Artus sends a message loud and clear that through it all Liberia is the main focus. He continues his  determination to eradicate the homeless children problem in Liberia due to EBOLA with the Artus Frank Foundation.  And now, also, has turned his attention to another worthy cause towards the UN Women and HeForShe organization. Artus stated on his Facebook page we can now not only refer to Artus as the D'King and Badshah, but he is officially Amabassador Gregory Artus Frank.  Artus is certainly no stranger to standing up for the rights of women. He is not only a devoted son to his mother, but also a devoted father to his  two lovely daughters. He has never wasted time sharing his passion for the humanitarian rights for women including participating in the recent campaign to Bring Back Our Girls. 

 We should all shout out a huge AMEN and HalleluJah for  Ambassador Frank's efforts and accomplishments. To God be the glory. Amen!
Artus in Ghana with family and friends. Who can pick out princess Ardele?
Artus departs to Liberia
Fans greet Artus
Fans wearing award t-shirts
More Liberian fans
Artus at press conference
Press conference
reporters at press conference
Artus and VP Joseph Boakai
Artus endorses HeForShe
Ambassador Frank endorse UN W
Frank with UN Women org
(Left) Massaquoi and Frank
Ambassador Gregory Artus Frank

Ambassador Gregory Artus Frank signs endorsement with UN for Women

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