Thursday, January 19, 2017

 It has been a while! I hope all is well. Here's wishing you a wonderful and prosperous 2017. Thanks for viewing this site. I do hope you are also following D'King on all social media from Facebook and Instagram. As stated he is always on the move, and your most current updates on him are sure to be found at those places. Now guess what? Our Badshah of Africa has traveled again first to America and somewhere as he states is far from Africa! Ha ha ha Once he did not turn off his location, and it read that he was in Puerto Rico/Dominican Republic. He said on one of his live videos that he was headed to Mexico! So who knows what he will do next. Just keep watching! #ToGodBeTheGlory

I do know he has launched a video website for Liberian movies that he is very excited about please check it out and subscribe at or click the picture below!

New movie website Badshah of Africa has launched. Liberia's own Netflix of Liberian Movies only! Subscribe Now.

Artus in Puerto Rico/Dominican Republic or Mexico?
Here Badshah posts he misses Liberia while traveling. What a beautiful place!
2016 Artus Frank Foundation Christmas Party Thanks for all your support!

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